How Express or Rapid Tans Work

How Express or Rapid Tans Work

How Express or Rapid Tans Work


Whether you call it an Express, a Rapid or a Quickie Tan, they all work the same! 

Express spray tans allow your client to shower sooner. 

A common misconception with rapid tans is that you'll be fully developed in colour after you've showered. Regardless of shower time, all sunless tanning products require 24 hours to see full development of the tan. 

Even if you shower 3 hours after being sprayed, your full colour results won't be seen for another 21 hours. 

So how do express tans work?  

They work 2 ways: Rapid formulations require both a higher DHA % and an accelerating ingredient.

SunnaTan Professional express solutions are formulated to optimize the efficacy of DHA. The highly purified ingredient used as a solvent of DHA absorbs quickly into the skin but it also protects the DHA from breaking down. This allows for more DHA to get absorbed into the skin and at a faster rate meaning it can be washed off sooner than 12 hour development solutions. 

SunnaTan has 2 Quick shower professional tanning solutions: Our Quick Shower Advanced Solution formulated with an Organic Caramel Bronzer and our Clear Express Tan (no bronzer formula). 

Tips for tanning your clients & managing expectations: 

  • Express tans are generally not recommended for a first time tanning client. Express tans can be more unpredictable compared to 12 hour solutions. Customers learn about their unique development times and end result colour by using a 12 hour shower solution prior to trying a rapid tan.
  • Always follow the manufacturer suggested shower times based on skin type, tone & the clients tan level preference. Make sure your clients know exactly when to shower. Leaving the tan on longer than suggested can result in an over developed tan that looks: dry, patchy/uneven, has an uneven fade, and is too dark for the clients skin type.
  • “Trust the process” Discuss with your clients that after their shower they may feel like they showered it all off, this is not the case and full development will be seen the next day.
  • When showering, use no soap & simply rinse off. Ensure all bronzer is rinsed off. Post shower, use a tan friendly lotion like SunnaTan’s Hydrate Me Cactus & Agave lotion.
  • Clients should be educated to book Quickie Tans the day(s) before an event if they want to look tanned for an event. It’s a common error for clients to think they can tan for an event the same day with a rapid.
  • Rapid tans are recommended for nursing moms, gym goers, busy on the go clients, tight travel schedules and clients getting tanned in hot weather. SunnaTan’s Clear Express is a great option for clients with age/sun spots & freckles, as the bronzer doesn’t stick to these areas.

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