How to Use Bronzer Drops

How to Use Bronzer Drops

Achieving the perfect spray tan has always been a challenge for both clients and spray tan artists. But with the relaunch of SunnaTan's Bronzer Drops, the game has changed! These customizable drops allow for a tailor-made tan without the need to buy multiple solutions, making them a must-have for spray tan artists looking to offer their clients a unique and personalized experience.

With Bronzer Drops available in Warm Brown, Olive, and Violet shades, it's easy to achieve the perfect hue for any client. Warm Brown is made for everyone and cancels out brassy tones. Violet cancels out yellow (warm) tones. Olive cancels out red/pink & rosy (cool) tones. 

How you mix and use the bronzer drops for each client will depend on their skin tone. You can determine a client's undertone by simply looking at their wrist and veins under natural light. Green veins indicate yellow & warm undertones (use Violet drops), blue or purple veins indicate pink & cool undertones (use Olive drops), and a mix of both indicates neutral undertones (use Warm Brown).

Keep in mind Bronzer Drops only last on the skin for one to two washes.

Sunna encourages spray tan artists to experiment and have fun with the Bronzer Drops and self-learn how they will look on their clients. By offering this unique experience, artists can stand out in a competitive industry and offer a personalized experience that clients will love.

Get a FREE 3 Pack of Bronzer drops when you purchase a SunnaTan solution!

HOW TO REDEEM: First add the solution to your cart, then add the 3 pack of bronzer drops (choose your colours!) to your cart and the bronzer drops will automatically discount to $0.
*Promotion NOT available with Clear solution.


Q: How many bronzer drops do I use per tan? 
A: 3-6 full droppers per tan depending on the depth you want

Q: Do I charge extra for bronzer drops?
A: We recommend not charging extra but instead having an all in "custom tan" price.

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