• Canadian Made

    Canadian Made

    Sunna Wholesale & Labs, is located in Canada we proudly make products for business all over North America. We have over 10 years of experience crafting unique and effective products.

  • Backed by Science

    We provide exceptional natural and organic formulations to retail and wholesale companies.

    We focus on quality, sustainability, and science-backed formulas. As a full-service manufacturer we can fill, label, package, and ship your products to you or a distribution center.

  • Quality Based

    Essential values efficacy, safety, and sustainability and we’re proud to serve a diverse array of customers and businesses of all sizes.
    We’ve built a reputation for quality and consistency, and we believe everyone should understand what’s in their skin care.

Sunna founder Shannelle Niemiec

The humble beginnings of Sunna happened when Shannelle went to school for graphic design. She worked by creating brands, logos and websites for others before she accidentally started a full time career in the beauty industry by offering spray tans over twelve years ago. Something that was supposed to be a part time gig turned into a full time job & empire. 

She started by seeing a niche in the market for Organic/Natural tanning options, which led her to creating her own product line & business model with SunnaTan. Since then, she has created two more successful beauty brands; SunnaSmile and SunnaPure. After going through many labs and chemists, Shannelle now has a partnership with an amazing natural based Chemist who's values align perfectly with Sunna's. 

As Sunna has grown and evolved, as a visionary & creator, Shannelle has felt a void for a while as she loves start up business and creating brands. Her true talent & passion lies in not just creating products, but teaching others the ins & outs of branding, creating & marketing their dream product line! You don't want to miss her branding course, and coming soon, her course on private label and custom beauty products.