Sunna Wholesale Affiliate Sign Up


All products are shipped from Sunna’s warehouse.

Set up & program success requires you to set up & promote your unique promo code. It is strongly recommended you help your referral navigate the wholesale login and ordering for the first time.

You will need a paypal account to be able to get paid out your commissions.


When you create your Wholesale Affiliate account, you'll have a drop down of Sunna Pro websites you can send your customers to based on their location.

Once you have your login, keep it handy for future use, to login and see your orders/manage your account in Refersion.

2 Steps:

1) Create your Refersion Account by registering below.

2) Request your Promo Code using the form below.


Login to your Wholesale Refersion below!

See your conversions, access your links and manage your account.


How do I get paid?

You will need a Paypal account and you will input your paypal account credentials in your back office Refersion account. Sunna Inc. will pay you via paypal when your commissions have reached a minimum of $100. Payout schedule will be done once per month if the affiliate has over $100 in commissions. The actual date of the month is yet TBD.

Do I need a personal or business paypal account?

It does not matter if you have a business or personal paypal account. See this help resource from paypal regarding personal & business accounts HERE. However, your paypal account needs to have a verified email address. And if you want to get paid via your paypal account into your bank account, you’ll need to follow the paypal process for that.

Are there paypal fees I have to pay?

No. There are no paypal fees when you receive payment from Sunna Inc.

Can I see who has purchased products?

Yes, you have a back-office login in Refersion to view orders. Watch this video HERE

Can I generate an affiliate link to a specific product or page?

Yes. Watch this video HERE

How long is shipping?

Please refer to our shipping policy HERE


Promo Code FAQ's

Can I give my clients a discount code to use?

You MUST advise your referral to use your promo code at check out. The 10% discount code is separate from your commission.

You can request your code by clicking here

If my referral did not use the discount code at checkout what do I do?

Commissions are paid on the FIRST ORDER for any new wholesaler, it is important that they use the discount code at check out, if your client forgets you can email with the full email and order number and we will determine if it can be manually credited to your account.