Become a Sunna Online Store Promoter!


Make income on retail products without carrying stock or shipping it yourself!

Leave it all up to Sunna.


• If you want to sell Sunna products to your customers, without having to ship them!
• If you don't have an online store or website but still want to make online sales.
• You’re promoting products on your social media sites and customers want you to ship them.

Launch your own co-branded Shop!

  • Boost your affiliate sales & payouts 2-3X!
  • Extend your business or personal brand with a referral link that's branded around you!
  • Show off product curations, content & reviews.
  • Upload your own photos and videos!
  • No promo code required. When customers check out through your shop, they'll automatically get your exclusive 10% Sunna discount!
  • Your clients receive Free Shipping on all orders over $100.

Why Anna loves the affiliate program

"Some times I could kick myself in the butt cause I wish I did it earlier. I never knew how simple it was to generate money in such an easy way!"




How does it work?

After you sign up, you'll receive an email in 5 minutes with a link for you to create your own store.

You can then promote your co-branded online store on your social media and online channels.

When a Sunna retail product is purchased through your store, you will receive 20% commission on the sale and the item will be shipped to the client by Sunna.

How do I get paid?

We have partnered with a paymennt provider called Tremendous! Once a month we make payouts. You'll receive an email and choose the various ways you can get paid! Whether it's a gift card for hundreds of companies or cash, it's your choice!

Can I see who has purchased products?

Yes, login to your account HERE

How long is shipping?

Please refer to our shipping policy HERE

Where are the products housed and shipped from?

All products are shipped from Sunna’s warehouse, not yours. In Canada our warehouse is in Ontario. In the USA, our warehouse is in New York. It’s important that your local buyers understand this.

Why did you create this program?

Our goal has always been to help create & support income opportunities for our wholesalers. Sunna Inc wants to make it easier for our wholesalers to capture online sales, saving them time & putting more money in their pockets!

Who is Social Snowball and Creator Commerce?

Sunna has partnered with both Social Snowball and Creator Commerce to create this industry first co-branded shop affiliate program.

Social Snowball is the company that tracks your referral sales.

Creator Commerce is the company that you create your co-branded online shop through.

These 2 are integrated together to create a seamless experience for you & your clients.