Episode 8: Steady Profits: The Power of Memberships in Spray Tanning with Shonna Dexter

Episode 8: Steady Profits: The Power of Memberships in Spray Tanning with Shonna Dexter

Episode 8: Steady Profits: The Power of Memberships in Spray Tanning with Shonna Dexter

In this episode we learn how to successfully integrate memberships into your spray tanning business with spray tan business pioneer, Shonna Dexter. Follow her at @recreatingrays @spraytanbiz 

Incorporating memberships into a spray tanning business can revolutionize the way you manage client relations and steady income streams. As demonstrated by Shonna Dexter from Recreating Rays, a well-implemented membership strategy not only simplifies billing and customer engagement but also enhances client loyalty and business scalability. This blog post will delve into the best practices for introducing a membership model in your spray tanning business, drawing on Shonna's insights from her experience.

Step 1: Simplify Your Pricing Model
The first step to launching a successful membership program is to simplify your pricing model. Shonna emphasized the importance of moving away from the traditional UV tanning pricing strategies that involve multiple tiers and upsells which can confuse customers. Instead, opt for a straightforward, single-price model. This approach not only makes it easier for customers to understand what they are getting but also simplifies your operations and forecasting.

Step 2: Understand the Benefits of a Membership Model
Memberships create a stable, predictable cash flow, a crucial advantage for businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations. By encouraging repeat business, memberships help maintain a steady revenue stream throughout the year. Additionally, memberships can boost customer loyalty as clients appreciate the exclusive benefits and consistent pricing.

Step 3: Offer Clear Membership Benefits
When Shonna redesigned her membership model, she looked to successful subscription services like Netflix for inspiration, focusing on low-friction, high-value offerings. Her memberships offer significant discounts on services—50% off after a modest monthly fee. This structure not only attracts new members but also retains them by making regular visits financially appealing.

Step 4: Provide Additional Perks
To add value to memberships, consider incorporating other services at discounted rates. Shonna offers additional benefits like discounted teeth whitening and retail products, special pricing on other spa services, and even birthday month specials. These perks encourage broader engagement with your offerings and make the membership feel even more valuable.

Step 5: Implement an Effective Communication Strategy
Communication is key to promoting and sustaining a successful membership program. Use multiple touchpoints such as email marketing, in-store signage, and direct conversations during appointments to inform and remind customers of the benefits. This multi-channel approach ensures that all clients are aware of the membership options and encourages them to sign up.

Step 6: Manage Expectations and Adapt
Regularly assess and adjust your membership model to ensure it meets your business needs and customer expectations. As Shonna noted, feedback from clients and staff is invaluable for refining the program. Whether it's adjusting the pricing, the frequency of use, or the benefits offered, flexibility is crucial.

Integrating a membership model into your spray tanning business can lead to increased customer satisfaction, improved loyalty, and more predictable revenue streams. By simplifying the pricing structure, offering clear benefits, and maintaining open communication with your clients, you can build a membership program that supports both your business growth and your customers’ needs.

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