Episode 7: Tan Lines and Sunshine: Spray Tanning for Summer

Episode 7: Tan Lines and Sunshine: Spray Tanning for Summer
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Episode 7: Tan Lines and Sunshine: Spray Tanning for Summer


Achieving the Perfect Summer Glow: Essential Tips for Summer Spray Tanning

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt a beautiful, bronzed glow, but achieving and maintaining a flawless spray tan can be challenging, especially in the heat. In a candid discussion between Brandi Tindall and Shannelle Niemiec, they share invaluable insights from their experiences in the spray tanning industry. Whether you're a spray tan artist or someone looking to perfect their summer tan, these tips will help you navigate the common hurdles of summer spray tanning.

Dealing with Heat and Humidity

One of the main challenges during summer is managing heat and humidity, which can affect the application and longevity of a spray tan. Brandi notes that being prepared and educating your clients is crucial. Encourage clients to arrive cool and dry, and consider using a pH balancing toner or prep spray to manage any sweat. This preparation helps ensure the tan adheres better and develops evenly.

Customizing the Tan Experience

Brandi and Shannelle stress the importance of customizing the tan based on seasonal changes. For instance, clients might find that their tan doesn't develop as darkly in summer as in cooler months. This could be due to increased sweating or higher indoor temperatures affecting the tan’s development.

Advising clients to keep their environments cool post-tanning and using products like air-conditioned spaces can mitigate these effects. Furthermore, a prep spray before the session can clean the skin and enhance the tan’s adherence.

Sunscreen and Post-Tan Care

Choosing the right sunscreen is essential for maintaining your spray tan. Look for sunscreens that are hydrating and free from drying alcohols and synthetic fragrances, which can degrade the tan. Shannelle recommends non-aerosol spray sunscreens as they are less likely to disturb the tan.

Moreover, post-tan care is vital for longevity, especially in summer. Brandi suggests using gradual tanners or hydrating tanning mousses to refresh the tan, particularly after swimming or sweating, which can accelerate fading.

Addressing Customer Concerns and Expectations

Managing customer expectations is a critical aspect of providing amazing service. Educate your clients about how different activities, like swimming and sweating, might affect their tan. For example, express solutions are great for those needing a quick tan, but it’s important to avoid water and sweating for at least 24 hours to allow the tan to develop fully.

Tackling Specific Summer Challenges

Summer brings unique challenges such as rain or accidental water splashes. In these cases, blending the tan with a bit of lotion can fix minor smudges. Brandi and Shannelle also discuss the importance of being mindful of products that clients might wear before their appointments, like bug sprays or fragrances, which can affect tan quality.

Tan Line Blending - Watch our YouTube video here

Final Thoughts

Both experts agree that communication is key. Being transparent about what clients can expect during their summer tanning sessions will help them feel more prepared and satisfied with their results. They recommend that spray tan artists stay informed and adaptable to handle the seasonal changes effectively.

This season, embrace these expert tips to ensure your clients enjoy a beautiful and long-lasting summer glow, or keep your own tan perfect through the challenges of heat and humidity. Remember, a successful summer tan is all about preparation, customization, and proper aftercare.