Episode 6: Bridal Glow: Perfecting Wedding Tans as a Spray Tan Artist

Episode 6: Bridal Glow: Perfecting Wedding Tans as a Spray Tan Artist
Bridal Spray Tanning

Episode 6: Bridal Glow: Perfecting Wedding Tans as a Spray Tan Artist


As a spray tan artist, tapping into the bridal market can significantly expand your business. Brides, along with their bridal parties, seek perfect, glowing skin for their big day, creating a unique opportunity for tailored services and packages. In this guide, we'll explore effective strategies to attract and serve bridal clients, ensuring they receive the best possible experience.

Understanding Bridal Needs:

Brides are looking for more than just a spray tan; they want a full-service experience that makes them feel special and catered to. It's crucial to understand the bridal mindset—these clients are often stressed and detail-oriented, making personalized service and attention to detail more important than ever.

1. Consultations and Trials: Offer bridal consultations and trial tans. This not only helps in understanding the bride's desired outcome but also builds trust. Trials ensure there are no surprises on the wedding day and allow you to adjust the tan intensity and undertones to suit the bride perfectly.

2. Custom Bridal Packages: Develop custom packages that can include multiple sessions (e.g., for engagement photos, the bridal shower, and the wedding day). Consider adding services for the bridal party, too, which can turn a single appointment into a group booking.

Marketing to Brides:

Effective marketing can place your services in front of potential bridal clients. Here's how you can tailor your marketing efforts to appeal directly to the bridal market:

1. Bridal-Focused Content: Create content specifically for brides on your website and blog. Discuss topics like the best timelines for tanning before the wedding, tips for maintaining the tan, and how to choose the right shade for wedding photography.

2. Social Media Engagement: Use platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where many brides look for wedding inspiration. Showcase before-and-after photos of bridal tans, share testimonials from past bridal clients, and post stories highlighting the bridal tanning process.

3. Partner with Wedding Vendors: Collaborate with wedding planners, photographers, and bridal shops. Offer their clients exclusive deals or samples of your service, and ask them to refer you, potentially in exchange for a commission or mutual referrals.

Elevating the Bridal Experience

Enhancing the bridal tanning experience can set you apart from competitors and help you build long-term relationships with your clients:

1. Luxurious Add-Ons: Offer luxurious add-ons such as a hydrating pre-tan exfoliation treatment or a post-tan glow enhancer. Small touches like a bridal skin care kit or a custom touch-up kit for the wedding day can make a big difference.

2. VIP Treatment: Consider providing mobile tanning services to offer tans at the bride's location for added convenience. Create a relaxing, spa-like environment with added comforts like soft robes, champagne, or even a small bridal gift.

3. Follow-Up and Aftercare: Provide detailed aftercare instructions and follow up with the bride after her events to ask about her experience and request photos for your portfolio. This not only shows you care but can also help you gather valuable testimonials.


Catering to brides as a spray tan artist involves more than just applying a tan. It's about creating an experience that makes each bride feel pampered, beautiful, and stress-free. By understanding their unique needs and tailoring your services accordingly, you can build a profitable niche in the bridal market that will lead to more referrals and satisfied customers. Start implementing these strategies today and watch your bridal tanning business flourish!