Episode 3: The Art of Old School Business

Episode 3: The Art of Old School Business

In the third episode of 'That SUNNA Feeling' Podcast, hosts Brandi and Shannelle shed light on the essence and significance of old-school business concepts. Even in an era dominated by digital advancements, they underline the importance of integrating traditional principles into the entrepreneurial journey. From the power of personal connections to customer engagement, this episode is a detailed exploration of the fundamentals that establish a successful business.

Key Highlights:

The Intersection of Old-School and Digital: Listen to Brandi's perspective on how leveraging technology without undermining the foundations of traditional principles can be a game-changer.

Lessons from Past Experiences: Journey into the past with Brandi and Shannelle as they share how building their businesses on old-school values and principles led to outstanding growth.

The Power of Personal Connections: Shannelle echoes the importance of creating genuine connections, partnerships, and fostering mutual support within your local community to grow your business.

Customer Engagement: Get practical tips and tricks on how to actively engage and follow up with your customers to create memorable experiences and construct a loyal customer base.

Education: Brandi and Shannelle emphasize the crucial role of educating customers about the service you provide, thereby enhancing the final outcome and boosting customer satisfaction.

Social Media for Community Building: Discover how the duo successfully leveraged social media platforms to build a community around their brands, extending the customer experience beyond the confines of their stores.

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Thank you for joining us in this insightful episode. Stay tuned in for more episodes packed with inspiration, key industry insights, and exclusive promotions crafted for those stepping into their entrepreneurial journey in the beauty industry.


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