Episode 2: Exploring Revenue Streams in the Spray Tan Business

Episode 2: Exploring Revenue Streams in the Spray Tan Business

Welcome to 'That SUNNA Feeling' Podcast - the space where Beauty meets Ambition! Your hosts, Brandi and Shannelle, continue to peel back the layers of the beauty industry, offering insider tips and strategies in this episode. We take a deep dive into various revenue streams that you can tap into to diversify your beauty business. Whether you're contemplating starting your venture, looking to expand your revenue streams or simply curious, we're here to guide you each step of the way.

Key Highlights:

  • The Power of Side Gigs: Shannelle and Brandi discuss how a simple side gig, like spray tanning, can open doors to additional revenue streams, such as booking wedding parties.
  • The Retail Opportunity: Understand how retail products can add significant value to your services while increasing your revenue. Learn tips on how to educate your clients on these products.
  • Affiliate Program: Learn how the affiliate program can open up multiple opportunities for you, allowing you to earn high commissions with less hassle.
  • Private Label: Discover how you can augment your brand value and profitability by investing in private label products.
  • Additional Revenue Streams: Explore other potential revenue streams, such as pop-ups, renting out studio space, offering in-person training, and selling merchandise.

Engage with Us:

We're eager to hear your thoughts, feedback, and questions. Did we miss any potential revenue streams that you're exploring? Share your questions, suggestions, or insights, and connect with us at https://sunnapro.com/pages/that-sunna-feeling-podcast

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Gratitude and Farewell:

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