Introducing the Sunna Pro Blog

Well, it's 2024 and we are way behind on starting our blog. 
But what's that saying?

"Better now than never." 

And we couldn't agree more. 

One thing you'll learn from Sunna is the power of timing and not just doing things in your business because you think you should be doing them. 

As business women, there are a million "shoulds" thrown at us each day. It is up to us to determine where to spend our energy. We have to ask ourselves each day, what activity will make the most impact on our bottom line? 

Blogs may be so early 2000's... and maybe we have missed the boat, or maybe, everything we've been working on for the last 12 years has brought us to this moment. To finally start sharing everything we've learned, through the ups, downs and even Covid, how to thrive in the beauty industry. 

Now's the time. And we can't wait to have you follow along with us on this new journey! 

xo Brandi, Shannelle & the Sunna Team


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woo hoo! excited to follow this blog :)


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